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Black Jack – popular, dynamic card game in which the winner is identified on the basis of collected quantity of points. In the game are used 6 standard card packs containing 52 cards. In total 312 cards.

Value of cards in the game Black Jack:

  1. Card with picture (Jack, Queen, King) – 10 points
  2. Ace – 1 or 11 (always in favor of card-player)

The other cards have value equal to the nominations marked on them. In card value assessing their color has no any significance.

The game is led by dealer on the special table divided in seven boxes presumed for setting of initial stakes of players. From 1 to 7 main card-players can participate in the game. Minimal quantity of playing boxes -2, maximal -7.

The game is led within frame of defined minimal and maximal stakes in the box. Information on stake value is stated in special charts situated on the tables for playing.


Game core

Each box plays against dealer's cards. Quantity of points does not depend on the quantity of neighboring boxes, and the points are calculated upon expressed wish of a card-player. It is indispensable to collect such quantity of points that should be higher than the dealer’s one, and providing that it is not exceeding 21 point.

If the card-player has more than 21 point – his money is automatically lost (regardless the quantity of points collected by the dealer)
Dealer has to collect 16 points on his cards finally. If the total number of points is 17 or more – dealer must stop.


Game course

The card-player sets his stakes on the boxes choosing it's quantity as he wishes. On each playing box two cards are given, and one to the dealer.

After the dealer played off with each of boxes, he undertakes adding up of his cards. The dealer compares his quantity of points with the quantity of each box, he pays off winning boxes according to the coefficient 1:1 (with exception of combination "Black-Jack"), and takes off counters from non winning boxes.  In the case of equal quantity of points having as by the dealer as by the card-player, stakes are not paid off and not taken.

The best combination is "Black-Jack" – two cards, which came to box from dealing out, and have exactly 21 number of points. It is always Ace and any of the cards in value of 10 points. "Black-Jack" is paid off  1.5:1 in the case of winning.

The game is played till false card comes out, which is placed by the dealer after the card pack is cut. After appearance of false card, the card pack should be stirred again.

The card-player can undertake on his boxes the activities, stipulated by the rules, as follows:

  1. Take on the box any quantity of cards (if number of points doesn’t exceed 21, on 21 it is not allowed to take more).
  2. Do not take cards at all.
  3. Make split, i.e. divide cards being equal concerning number of points.

For that, a card-player should add stake that has to be equal to the initial one. Dealer deals cards, and leads the game with each of the established boxes. Number of splits is not limited. Special case is split of Aces.

Split of Aces – it is dividing of two Aces.

If the card-player decided to make split of Aces, then on each Ace dealer gives only one card. If the Aces, which came from the dealing, are not split, then the player can add to them any quantity of cards.

Ace and card of 10 points value are not count as "Black-Jack" in split.

Make double, i.e. to double stake on any two cards (with exception of „Black-Jack“ and Split of Aces). To the double is dealt only one card.



If the dealer has Ace from card dealing, the card player can insure himself against possible "Black-Jack" of the dealer. Such amount of insurance needn't to be higher than a half of amount of total amount of stakes of all the card-players. Insurance can only be done before the first card comes out in the game.

If the card player has "Black-Jack", and the dealer Ace, then the card-player can take stake 1:1 (equal money) or continue his playing under general rules. If the card-player has surplus/excess, then in such case his stake is taken, but his insurance stays in the game. If the dealer has "Black-Jack", then in such case insurance is paid off 2:1, in such way or if not it is lost.


Several players on one box game

In the game "Black-Jack" it is allowed to have several card-players playing on one box.

In such case three basic conditions should be obeyed:

  1. Total amount of "cash" placed on the box (regardless number of players) needn't to be higher than a maximal stake for the box.
  2. Stake of each card-player mustn't be lower than a minimum for the box.
  3. All decisions are brought by "host" of the box. The other players should obey it.


Prize stake 7,7,7

If a card-player received combination "7,7,7" (regardless its color), he receives a prize stake equal to the amount of initial stake, regardless the game result, and a gift from Casino. If after the end of game the box looses, such prize stake stays at the card-player.