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Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker is a variety of card game in which winner is defined according to five-card combinations. This game will be liked by the people who prefer tranquil game atmosphere with cocktail and conversation with pleasant people.

One card pack – 52 cards (without joker) is used in the game.

The game is played on a special table presumed for poker games, with six playing boxes. Each box is divided into two parts – spaces for stakes ANTE and BET.

  1. АNТЕ – initial stake that means start of participation in the game.
  2. BET– stake that confirms a card-player intention to continue playing.

BЕТ is always equal to two ANTES.

Also, there are marked places for BONUS stakes on the table surface, which are situated on the opposite side of each box. Each box plays against the dealer’s cards. The stakes on the boxes do not depend on each other, and they are defined only by minimum and maximum of the table. In the tables are also stated maximal pay off (for one box, taking into consideration pays off on ANTE, BET and BONUS).

For winning is necessary that a final card combination of the card-player is better than the dealer’s card combination.

Card value priority in poker is in compliance with its value position marked in a standard pack of playing cards (with exception of street from ace to five, where the ace is considered as a card of smallest value). Value priority as refers to colors is applied in the case of comparison of equal combinations.

The following order of colors is applied (in ascending): Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade.


Game course

The card-players put their stakes on the box ANTE. The dealer receives these stakes and deals cards only o playing boxes. Five cards "covered" to the card-players, and four cards "covered" and one "uncovered" to himself.

After that, the card-layer looks at his cards. If he decides to continue his playing it is necessary to put his stake BET. If the card-player decides to throw off his cards, he looses only stake ANTE. When all the card-players made their decisions, the dealer throws up his cards and announces his combination. Minimal combination as for a card-player as for a dealer is Ace and King of any color.

If the card-player's combination is better than the dealer’s combination, the card-player receives stake ANTE 1:1 and stake BET in compliance with the table of pay off.

If the card-player's combination is worse than the dealer’s combination, he looses both stakes (ANTE + BET). If the dealer has no game (i.e. hasn't got any of combinations stipulated by the rules), then all the card-players who stayed in the game, regardless of their card combinations, receive stake ANTE 1:1.

Besides the above stated, a card-player has possibility to change one card for stake ANTE, and then to bring decision whether he would continue playing the game.



Pay off

 Royal Flush  Five cards of higher value in scale of the same color
 (10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace)
 Straight Flush  Five cards in the same  color scale  50:1
 Four of Kind Four cards of equal value
 Full House  Three cards of equal value plus two cards of different value  7:1
 Flush  Five cards in the same  color  5:1
 Straight  Five cards in the scale regardless their color  4:1
 Three of Kind  Three cards of equal value  3:1
 Two Pairs  Two cards of equal value plus two cards of different value  2:1
 One Pair  Two cards of equal value  1:1
 Ace + King  Ace and King  regardless their color  1:1



If the card-player has combination "three of Kind" and more, received from dealing, then he has opportunity to award additional pay-offs even in the case when the dealer "has no game" and when his combination is better than the card-player's combination. For that purpose there is stake BONUS.

Maximal bonus is equal to a half of the stake ANTE. If the cards are changed the stake BONUS is lost.


Buying game for the dealer

After the dealer showed his cards and if he hasn’t got game (combinations), the card-player can try to buy the game. One who wants to buy game for the dealer adds a stake equal to ANTE stake. The dealer changes his card of biggest value.

If after that there is no game, then stake ANTE is not paid off to the players. If there is combination, the dealer pays off the boxes in accordance with combinations seen on them. The dealer can only change his one card.


Dark box

If there are free boxes on the table, a card-player can establish the dark box.

Dark box – box on which the card-player can not undertake any activities (change cards, buy game for dealer). In order to play on the dark box, the card-player should place before dealing his stakes ANTE, BET (obligatory) and BONUS (at wish).