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American RouletteAmerican Roulette in such form, in which we can see it nowadays, appeared in the middle of 18th century and since now it has been the most popular and the most favorable game in casinos all over the continents.

The table consists of two parts: roulette wheel cylinder and gaming field. There are numbers from 0 ("zero") to 36 in the wheel disposed chaotically. Winning number is identified by ball dropped by croupier who leads the game.

The same numbers are situated in the gaming field. Because of convenience of all the participants in game, they are arranged in series.

There are colonna, simple chances, and lengths related to the gambling table, as well.

Colonna – 12 numbers, arranged in column.

Each simple chance – it is 18 winning numbers ("zero" is not included in any of the chances).

  • 1 to18 –  all numbers from 1 to 18 (low chances)
  • 19 to 36 – all numbers from 19 to 36 (high chances)
  • EVEN – even chances
  • ODD – odd chances
  • Red numbers
  • Black  numbers

Length - 12 numbers, arranged in the gambling field in series. The first length are numbers from 1 to 12, the second length from 13 to 24, the third length from 25 to 36 concluded.


Stakes and pay out

Gambler can put (by himself/herself or by croupier’s help) the following stakes in the roulette gambling field and receive for them, in the case of winning, appropriate pay out:

  1. Straight-up – stake on one number - 35:1 (A),
  2. Split – stake on 2 numbers - 17:1 (B),
  3. Street  – stake on 3 numbers - 11:1 (C),
  4. Conner  – stake on 4 numbers - 8:1 (D),
  5. Six-lain – stake on 6 numbers - 5:1 (E),
  6. Colonna – 12 numbers - 2:1 (F),
  7. Length – 12 numbers - 2:1 (G),
  8. Simple Chance – 18 numbers -1:1 (H).



"zero" is not included in any form of simple chance, when "zero" comes out a half of stake put on any of simple chances is loosing.

In order to make it more convenient for gambler, and for maintaining of a high pace of game, there is possibility of putting stakes on "series" and "neighbors".

Series – particular part of wheel/cylinder, which is covering in gambling field by defined quantity of counters (minimally possible for such quantity of numbers).

There are four classical generally accepted series at all casinos:

  • Big – 9 counters (17 numbers)
  • Zero-Spiel – 4 counters (7 numbers, makes part of Big Series)
  • Small – 6 counters (12 numbers)
  • Orphellin – 5 counters (8 numbers)

Neighbors – it is sector of five successive numbers in the wheel (5 counters). Stakes on series and neighbors arranged on additional field. According to the gambler’s wish it is possible to play game by stakes on "complete" numbers. All additional and more detailed information are available at the Casino’s Manager.


Course of game

Upon croupier’s call the gamblers, personally or by help of croupier, arrange their counters on basic and (or) additional field of American Roulette. Then, the ball is leaving out. Three spins before the ball dropping, croupier announces that receiving of stakes is over. After it, stakes are not put, they are not received, changed, and they are not returned. No winning stakes are taken from the table, and winning stakes are paid out in compliance with the rules.

There are sorted colored counters on the tables of American Roulette in order to facilitate identifying by gambler "own" counters. The colored counters have no strictly defined nominal value. Each gambler can play only by one color and he can choose by himself value of one counter. The value of counter is marked by a special marker.

There is information on minimum and maximum for each stake on each table. Gambler by starting game accepts the rules and stake value silently. At the guest’s expressed wish croupier introduces him with rules before the game starts.