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Ultimate Texas Holdem

Ultimate Texas Hold'em is a simple and entertaining game, invented recently. As its basis has taken the most popular in the world the Texas poker (Ultimate Texas Hold'em), which is liked by all card-players. Its main feature is that this game is led against the casino, not among card-players.

Standard card pack of 52 cards is used in the game. Before the game starts, participants are obliged to place stake ANTE and obligatory stake BLIND, being equal to ANTE stake. Additional bonus stake TRIPS is placed at a card-player's wish.

After that, the dealer deals two covered cards to each of participants in the game, including him. On the basis of those two cards, the players bring their decisions on continuance of playing: they can place stake BET, equal to four ANTE stakes, or say: "Check". Throwing off the cards and leaving the game do not make sense because a card-player can continue his playing anyway.

Next, the dealer shows his three common cards (flop). If the card-players placed their stake BET before that, then they do not undertake any activities till the end of game. Those who previously said "Check" can put their stake BET, now equal to two ANTE stakes, or again to stay out of playing and say "Check".

Then, the dealer adds to three cards of FLOP two more common cards. The card-players who said: "Check" can place their stake BET, equal to one ANTE stakes, or pull off their cards.

When all the player made their decisions concerning continuance of playing, the dealer shows up his cards and makes the highest combination from seven cards (two own + five common). Minimal game of the dealer is one pair of 2.

If the combination of card-player is better, then ANTE and BET are paid off 1:1. The stake BLIND is paid off from Straight, and in ascending, in compliance with the tables of pay off coefficients, only in the case if the card-player’s combination is better than the dealer’s combination.

If the card-player’s cards are worse than the dealer's – all stakes are lost. If the combinations are equal, then all the stakes, with exception of TRIPS, stay in place. If the card-player combination is better than the dealer’s combination, but lower than Straight, BLIND stake is not paid off but also not taken off.

TRIPS stake is in game as a common poker bonus, regardless the dealer’s playing (or his absence). If there is no a dealer in the game, ANTE stake is taken and given to a card-player, then two cards of the card-player are shown up, and comparison of combinations or better cards is undertaken if there is no the card-player's playing.


Table of pay off on stakes, blind & trips


Combination of Cards



Royal Flush 50:1 500:1
Straight Flush 40:1 50:1
Four of a kind 30:1 10:1
Full House 8:1 3:1
Flush 6:1 1.5:1
Straight 5:1 1:1
Three of a kind 3:1 -